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Robert.Jervis_43227 Mar 23

CMA CGM and Electrolux make significant move toward sustainable shipping

CMA CGM and Electrolux make significant move toward sustainable shipping image
“These partnerships put Electrolux at the forefront of transporting goods in a more sustainable way”
CMA CGM Group and Electrolux have announced the conclusion of an agreement to ship 40,000 TEUs of household appliances through CMA CGM's Cleaner Energy LNG solution.

CMA CGM's low-carbon offering Cleaner Energy LNG will allow the cargoes to be shipped on CMA CGM's dual-fuel LNG-powered vessels, while also benefitting from a share of guarantee of origin biomethane, allowing a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions on a well-to-wake basis (entire value chain).
The CMA CGM Group makes alternative fuels such as LNG, biomethane and biofuels available to all customers, and allows them to take control of their environmental performance through ACT with CMA CGM+. This range of high value-added services available throughout all the CMA CGM's shipping subsidiaries, enables the Group's customers to analyse, reduce and offset the environmental footprint of the shipment of their goods.

By 2023, alternative fuels will account for 10 % of the CMA CGM Group's fuels. As the Group continues to de-carbonize shipping through research and development, it is also advancing through stakeholder collaborations. Through such strategic partnerships, the CMA CGM Group is championing industrial-scale production and distribution of bio-LNG (produced from agricultural and industrial food waste); and synthetic methane (derived through gasification of industrial, wood and plastic wastes). For the net zero carbon fuel of tomorrow, the Group is looking at e-methane as a solution to be produced from hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide.
Laurent Olmeta, Chief Executive Officer of CMA CGM Asia Pacific, said:

“As the 6th IPCC report recalled again recently, it is urgent to act now in order to limit the negative consequences of global warming. This is why CMA CGM is taking concrete actions now by adopting the best available solutions such as LNG, biomethane and biofuels, while stepping up its investments and partnerships to develop a supply chain for new zero-carbon technologies such as synthetic methane. With the largest fleet of e-methane ready vessels already deployed, the CMA CGM Group is able to help shippers like Electrolux make significant strides in de-carbonising shipping. As more shippers move their cargoes on sustainable fuels through our range of ACT with CMA CGM+ solutions, we are building on the economics for alternative fuels to accelerate the energy transition in shipping.”
Carsten Franke, Electrolux Chief Operations Officer, added:

“These partnerships put Electrolux at the forefront in terms of the percentage of the total volume of products being transported in a more sustainable way. As we continuously contract increasing volumes of biofuel for sea transportation we are also supporting the overall market development toward more sustainable practices for shipping goods across the world.”