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Robert.Jervis_43227 Nov 22

CLdN and DFDS enter into a space charter agreement

CLdN and DFDS enter into a space charter agreement image
Humber – Rotterdam route extra sailings
Reacting to customer demand to provide more capacity, higher frequency and earlier arrivals into the UK, CLdN has announced the introduction of an additional six sailings per week each way on the Rotterdam - Humber service, increasing the offering to twelve sailings per week in each direction.

The increased capacity, catering for customer demand and made possible by a mutual space charter agreement with DFDS, will provide for a 05:00 hrs arrival into C.Ro’s Killingholme port on the Humber. This will allow for a faster rotation of cargoes and equipment, with a design to keep goods flowing more efficiently post 1st January 2022, when more stringent customs procedures enter in full force.

CLdN and DFDS will each provide one additional vessel to facilitate the space charter agreement, on a rotation Rozenburg / Vlaardingen / Killingholme from Sunday through Friday, which will complement CLdN’s established six sailings in each direction Rozenburg / Killingholme. In Rotterdam, CLdN customers will have the possibility to load and discharge cargo in either Rozenburg and/or Vlaardingen. CLdN and DFDS will continue operating all sailings independently including all related commercial activities.

This additional service will be introduced with effect from 10th January 2022