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Anonymous Nov 19

Bristol Port awarded AEO status

Bristol Port awarded AEO status image

Bristol Port has been awarded an internationally recognised “trusted trader” status, which reduces administrative burdens and boosts the speed and reliability of trade through Bristol’s global gateway.

HMRC informed the Port last week that it had gained full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status – a quality assurance badge which enables the Port to streamline its customs checks. The scheme provides a clear advantage for the Port by waiving the financial guarantees that must be provided on goods held at its facilities, on which duty might need to be paid. The status can also speed up the process of applying for other types of customs accreditations in future, and puts the Port in a strong position post-Brexit.

Philip Radford, the Port’s Quality Manager who led this process said:

"AEO status is recognition that Bristol Port is a place where the movement of goods is free of red tape and delays.

“We are delighted to receive this accreditation, and to pass on its immediate benefits to our customers, who can be further assured of rapid and reliable deliveries in the trade chain through our global gateway.” 

In order to receive the award, the Port has been through regular audits by HRMC and detailed checks looking at the way in which the business operates, its systems, processes and data exchange.

“It means we have proven policies and procedures that are thorough and wholly trusted, both in our operations at Avonmouth, and Royal Portbury Docks,” added David Brown, CEO.

 “We want to take this opportunity to thank all those involved internally for their commitment and teamwork in making this happen.”