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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jun 03

BluJay blazes trail on LLamasoft Cloud Platform

BluJay blazes trail on LLamasoft Cloud Platform image
New application harnesses data to make informed business policy decisions for instantly quantifiable ROI
BluJay Solutions has announced the launch of its Transportation Modelling application, built in collaboration with LLamasoft, the leading provider of AI-powered supply chain analytics software. The application equips shippers with analytics to evaluate multiple scenarios and trade-offs of making changes to operational policy and their potential to improve service and reduce costs. BluJay’s Transportation Modelling uses data generated through the network and applications within the larger BluJay ecosystem.  

“BluJay is delighted to partner with LLamasoft to offer these new capabilities to our customers,” said Andrew Kirkwood, BluJay’s Chief Executive Officer. “The Transportation Modelling solution is also a great example of the ‘D’ - or data - in our DNA approach and how, along with other tools, we are harnessing the power of data and advanced analytics to help our customers find new savings whilst maximising customer satisfaction.”

David Landau, Chief Product Officer at BluJay adds:

“Seasonality, fuel prices, capacity, and other external factors make policy decision-making hard enough during the best of times. Transportation experts need to be able to leverage real data, quickly, to model their supply chains, and to pivot to optimise their networks. The choice to partner with LLamasoft and their cloud solutions to deliver a brand-new simulation and optimisation application for our TMS customers in only a few months was an easy one.”

BluJay’s Transportation Modelling application leverages LLamasoft’s platform. The platform utilises data gathered from multiple sources to create an authentic digital twin of a supply chain to analyse current operations and uncover new operational options or areas of inefficiency or risk. BluJay’s Transportation Modelling solution uses historical shipper data to model various scenarios to determine the best policies, and the Transportation Management application is then configured to execute these policies.

“We are thrilled that BluJay was able to quickly leverage the analytics and app building platform for their clients by creating this transportation application,” said Razat Gaurav, Chief Executive Officer of LLamasoft. 

“LLamasoft’s powerful transportation optimisation capability is a great complement to BluJay’s solutions.  We are looking forward to developing additional innovative solutions leveraging LLamasoft analytics expertise to BluJay customers.”  

The new application features five pre-configured scenarios, providing users the ability to immediately begin leveraging cost, weight, stop, utilisation, and distance metrics. Additionally, users have the ability to customise and create additional transportation modelling scenarios. BluJay’s Transportation

Modelling application also includes the capability to conduct what-if scenarios to predict the potential impact of changes in procedures.

BluJay began developing the application after recognising shippers using its Transportation Management system needed the ability to quickly and easily evaluate the efficiency of their transportation planning policies. This new offering meets that need by quantifying cost-saving opportunities, by considering shipment consolidation to determine the optimal load, mode shift (truckload versus intermodal), and date flexibility on both the pick or drop and equipment shift. BluJay’s Transportation Modelling application will eventually grow to include new output scenarios which may incorporate distribution centre location placement, where to locate suppliers, and fleet utilisation.  

Key application features include:

•        Visualisation of transportation network via a mapping interface
•        Visual comparison of scenario results across cost, stops, utilisation, and distance
•        Ability to filter data set for different scenarios
•        Configuration of ability to create maximum TL capacity parameters
•        Data export from an application to excel for all relevant data tables
•        Access to scenarios across users within a company