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Antonov celebrates 30 years of innovation in the aviation breakbulk business

Antonov celebrates 30 years of innovation in the aviation breakbulk business image

Celebrating 30 years

Antonov Airlines celebrates 30 years of service this year. They have been responsible for several aviation breakthroughs and exceeded many milestones, including setting 270 world records. They are responsible for designing and producing the An-22, An-72, An-74, An-32, An-28, An-124 and the An-225; which is the largest turboprop-powered aircraft in the world.

Antonov is a Ukraine-based airline and is leading specialists in outsize and heavyweight air cargo. The airline was founded in 1989, and over the 30 years, the airline carried a total of 822,471 tons of cargo, and performed 15,340 chartered flights. They have been providing solutions across all industries and have worked with clients in aerospace, automotive, energy, humanitarian & peacekeeping, industrial, maritime and oil & gas sectors.

Managing Director of Antonov Airlines, Graham Witton, stated: “As we look back on thirty years of Antonov Airlines, and the projects that we have completed, we see one of our strengths is the flexibility of our business to adapt to changing markets…We are also moving further into the aerospace industry as digital communications become more integral in the global economy."

Paul Furlonger, Director of Antonov, commented: “At the beginning, we were doing things for the first time, almost every time, and over the years, after many thousands of flights, our processes have become more refined and our expertise enhanced so that we now undertake ever more challenging and complex projects with absolute confidence.”

They plan to continue their success by adapting, innovating and pioneering in the aviation and air transport industry.