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Accreditation is key to reducing supply chain disruption, says Davies Turner

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“Building resilience is key for companies in these uncertain times”
Davies Turner Ireland recently added ISO9001 accreditation as part of its wider campaign to reduce any risk of supply chain disruption following the end of the Transition Period.

As part of Davies Turner Group, the Dublin-based subsidiary has placed particular emphasis on co-operation with Customs and the Revenue both for Anglo-Irish trade and with the wider world. Despite Covid-19, business was brisk in 2020 and DTI intends to keep it that way by maintaining a high level and quality of accredited services.

At the same time as safeguarding security in the supply chain and boosting preparations for handling the increased demand for Customs services, this move brings Davies Turner Ireland into line with DT Group’s UK operations, all of which are also ISO9001: 2015 accredited.

Davies Turner’s airfreight and Customs manager in Dublin, Joe Mercer comments:

“ISO9001 accreditation is for all our services – air, sea, road, logistics and customs clearance.  And our collection and delivery partner Independent Express is also accredited, so we have the whole supply chain covered.”

Mercer predicts that the Covid-19 crisis could increase the importance of ISO9001 certification in future:

“If people are less able to have face-to-face meetings, they are more likely to ask for formal quality certifications to ensure that the companies they are selecting are operating to the standards they require.”

ISO 9001 and AEO, to which DTI has already been accredited, are both seen as guarantees that the company holding them complies with internationally recognised standards, with both Brexit and the Covid-19 crisis accelerating that trend.

Many of Davies Turner’s own customers have also obtained or are in the process of obtaining ISO and AEO certification, Mercer points out.

Davies Turner Group chairman, Philip Stephenson adds:

“Building resilience is key for companies in these uncertain times as they aim to minimise risk or delays in supply chains and comply with any new interventions from government and other authorities.

“Over the last few years, we have also seen our clients seeking greater evidence that Davies Turner is fully engaged with environmental, social and governance issues or objectives.

“Some are making accreditation to international standards such as ISO 9001; ISO14001 and AEO a requirement for suppliers with which they work.

“Customers want to be assured that they are entrusting their shipments to forwarders who can deliver secure and resilient supply chain management. Accreditations such as ISO 9001 and AEO are evidence of that. These certificates clearly demonstrate our commitment to all of the company’s stakeholders.”