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10 years of leading supply chain compliance management

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This month Velta celebrate the 10th anniversary of being AEO accredited, an internationally recognised quality mark, which confirms that Velta offers a secure, efficient and reliable supply chain

Velta were amongst the first companies in the UK to receive AEO certification in February 2009, and following amendments to the AEO format, become amongst one of the first to successfully receive the new AEO(C) in 2017, providing access to all of the benefits available under the AEO accreditation.

To receive Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status entails a rigorous assessment from HM Revenue & Customs and is testament to the team and supply chain management processes in place at Velta.

There are two different types of certification; AEO(S) covers safety and security and is applicable mainly to exporters, whilst AEO(C), offers a vast range of benefits, many of which focus on the import of goods, and the use of special procedures, as well as including AEO(S). Being AEO(C) approved enables us to provide significant advantages to our clients in the import, export and distribution of their products.

Despite the benefits that AEO status offers, uptake in accreditations by companies in the UK has been limited. Although the initiative has been in place for several years, the UK has far fewer AEO approved companies than other EU countries. At present there are 690 companies who hold the AEO accreditation in the UK, whilst in Germany there are 6346, France 1662, the Netherlands 1555, and in Italy there are 1369.    

When it comes to companies who are AEO(C) accredited, Germany again lead the way, with 3653. In France there are 463, The Netherlands there are 406 and in Italy there are 569, whilst in comparison, in the UK there are just 290 AEO(C) accredited companies.

The benefits of AEO are becoming more prevalent with Brexit pending and the possibility of a no deal scenario. Irrespective of any agreement that the UK and EU do or do not make with regards to Customs declarations, goods being transported under AEO status are subject to a smoother transition through international borders as they face fewer physical and documentation checks. There is also a likelihood that clearance of goods will be able to be undertaken whilst in transit for both imported and exported items.

The process for becoming AEO can be a lengthy and complex process however. Although, as Velta are an AEO accredited company, you can benefit from smoother movement of your goods with us. And with 10 years of accreditation to our name, you can rest assured that your goods are being handled safely and securely.