Below is the Multimodal 2017 Programme. The 2018 Programme will be published on the 10th January 2018

The Multimodal 2017 Programme 

Multimodal 2017 has teamed up with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA), the Food Storage & Distribution Federation (FSDF) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to put together a programme of workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions tackling the issues and trends which affect supply chain decision makers.  We will also be holding special Brexit Briefings for our visitors. With Article 50 being triggered 2 weeks before Multimodal - you will be able to hear the most up-to-date expert analysis. 

Download the 2017 Multimodal Seminar Programme here


UKWA Sessions – Tuesday 4th April in the Supply Chain Theatre 

11.00 – 12.00 The Changing Market Place for Logistics

This opening session sets the scene for Multimodal 2017 by exploring the trends that the logistics industry is facing, going into a post Brexit world driven by a the new mobile enabled consumer whose delivery expectations are relentless.

  • Pierre Liguori, Director, Tokema International
  • Eddie Lin, Regional Director, Dimerco Express Group & Country Manager, Dimerco Express (U.K.) Ltd
  • Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA

12.30 - 13.30 Amazon – friend or foe?

As logistics becomes the new retail, we will hear from those with first-hand experience of the behemoth that is Amazon. How sustainable is the Amazon model, and does it present risk or opportunity for logistics providers?

  • Mark Thornton, Marketing Director, Maginus
  • Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA
  • John Eynon, Managing Director, Import Services Ltd

14.00 – 15.00 The Growing Challenge of City Logistics

As populations continue to grow in our major cities, with ‘new consumers’ demanding immediate access to a wider selection of cuisines, food services and food and beverage supply chains are coming under critical pressure. We look at the challenges and consider forward-looking strategies and solutions for the future.

  • Julian Mosquera, Director, LCP Consulting - Operations Management Consultant
  • Tim Ward, Freight and Fleet Communications and Engagement Manager, Transport for London
  • Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA

15.30 – 16.00 Infrastructure and Property

The changing face of the logistics industry has to be supported by infrastructure that in many areas is already stressed, and subject to environmental and traffic regulation plans. What measures can UKWA take to support their Members to ensure a balanced approach that delivers more distribution space with minimal planning constraints and without arduous conditions being placed on operators.

  • Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial Research, Savills
  • Walter Boettcher, Head of Industrial and Logistics, Colliers International
  • Matthew Williamson, Partner, Weightmans LLP
  • Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA


CILT Seminar Day – Tuesday 4th April in the Multimodal Theatre 

11.00 - 12.00 Modal switch - solutions and benefits 

The Government is under increasing pressure to find additional ways of addressing the issue of emissions from road transport. It's not just an urban problem with poor air quality affecting health but greenhouse gas emissions are a major concern. Inter-urban congestion is getting worse as there is more traffic on the strategic road network (vehicle numbers have grown to over 37 million in UK) and hence carbon dioxide and other pollutants are a problem. Engine technology is improving and alternative fuelled vehicles are becoming more widespread but modal switch from road to rail offers an immediate and significant solution. In this session we will consider how to go about modal switch and cover the potential benefits. We will also discuss some case studies of companies who have made these moves in order to demonstrate the scale of likely benefits. Following some short presentations there will be a question and answer session with the following knowledgeable panellists;

  • Richard Brown CBE CL, FCILT Board Member, Department for Transport Board

  • Catherine Weetman MSc, FCILT - Director, Re-think Solutions, Vice-Chairman, The Environment & Sustainability Forum

  • Julian Worth, CMILT, Director, Transworth Rail, Chair, CILT Rail Freight Forum

  • Rupert Dyer, Managing Director, Rail Expertise Ltd

  • Geoff Clarke FCILT, Regional Director, AECOM, Chair, CILT Environment & Sustainability Forum


12.30 - 13.30 Deal or No Deal - free trade zones 

The UK is in limbo no longer, as the UK Parliament has voted in favour of Prime Minister Theresa May beginning the country's removal from the European Union. Much has focussed on the regulatory/legal aspects, but we will be exploring the business opportunities, new business models and what Exporting and Free Trade Zones could mean in practice.
  • Sue Terpilowski OBE, Managing Director, Image Line Communications, Chair, CILT Ports Maritime and Waterways Forum  
  • Geoff Lippitt FCILT, Business Development Director, CILT Ports Maritime and Waterways Forum
  • Susan Morley FCILT, Director, Morley Consulting Training Ltd, Chair, CILT Customs and International Trade Compliance Forum 
  • Neil Gould MILT, Managing Director, Bibby International Logistics, CILT Freight Forwarding Forum
  • Tony Shally, Managing Director, Espace Europe, CILT Freight Forwarding Forum
  • Barbara Buczek, Director of Corporate Development, Port of Dover
  • Adrian Jones, Director South Europe, MOL (Europe) Limited

14.00 – 15.00 Logistics Outsourcing A Life-Cycle Masterclass

An interactive session from the CILT with leading industry practitioners exploring key topics for those buying or selling outsourced logistics services:

> Strategic Planning – what to think about before you start!
> Contracts – killing the relationship or supporting its foundations?
> Know what you are buying: different approaches for different services
> Building the relationship: aligning objectives, managing contracts

  • Jo Godsmark FCILT, Director, Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd, Chair, CILT Outsourcing & Procurement Forum
  • Phil Wood FCILT, Head of Order to Cash UK, Mondelez International, CILT Outsourcing & Procurement Forum
  • Joe Fogg MILT, Business Development Director, Arvato SCM Solutions, CILT Outsourcing & Procurement Forum
  • Pete Maguire,  Wright Hassall

15.30 - 16.30 Raising Professional Driving Standards: Our drivers, our fleets our responsibility 

• Moral - it's the right thing to do. Nobody is in business to harm people. Reputation etc
• Economic - it makes good business sense. Reduced costs, premiums, management time, down time etc. Link to reputation
• Legal - the last line of defence to protect people from harm, the legal obligations for those who have yet to see the business case for road risk management

  • Austin Birks FCILT, Head of Business Development, uTrack Software Solutions, Chair, CILT Bus & Coach Forum
  • Glen Davies FCILT, Transport and Logistics Specialist, AtoH, Vice- Chair, CILT Transport & Logistics Safety Forum
  • Dean Clamp, Group HSEQ Director, Wincanton plc, Chair, CILT Transport & Logistics Safety Forum


Multimodal 2017 Sessions – Tuesday 4th April in the Logistics Theatre 

12.30 – 13.30 The Power of the 3PL-Shipper Relationship - Chris Mills, Director of Transportation, Europe, CH Robinson Europe BV 

A journey of what a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) does for their customers on a day-to-day basis. Chris will take a deep dive into a real customer case study, and how a 3PL provider can help customers grow their business locally, and globally. Chris will also take the time to look at what is happening in the marketplace, and how, through collaboration with the shipper, we tackle some of those marketplace disruptors. Lastly, he will touch on the future of logistics and what that might look like.

14.00 – 15.00 Transforming UK Logistics – a collaborative case study

  • Peter Surtees, Director, Miebach Consulting
  • Razi Khan, Senior Tea / Tisane Buyer and Supply Chain Manager, Typhoo Tea Limited
  • Gary Jeffreys, Managing Director, Safmarine

15.30 – 16.10  Digital disruption in the freight forwarding industry - Troels Stovring, CEO, Twill Logistics (a part of Damco International)

The freight forwarding industry is ripe for disruption. New technologies make shipping much more simple and transparent – from quotation, to documentation, tracking and delivery. Traditional freight forwarders need to react quickly to avoid being left behind by a group of new and innovative players entering the market. The session will provide you with an overview of the latest trends in the industry and will give an example on how digital innovation will revolutionize the value proposition of freight forwarding in the future.

FSDF Shipper Briefing Sessions – Tuesday 4th April in the FSDF Shipper Briefing Area 

Tuesday 4th April

11:00-11.30     Colin Montgomery: Montracon: Developments in vehicle design and technology specifically focusing on food logistics and compliance

14:00-14.30    Julian Worth, The Rail Logistics Company and David Turner, Malcolm Logistics: How rail freight fits into the food supply chain




FTA Seminar Day – Wednesday 5th April in the Multimodal Theatre 

10.30 - 11.30 Inland Waterways – City Logistics the final mile
This session will explore how the UK inland water network can complement road and rail freight by moving goods into city centres without increasing traffic congestion.  The session will also examine ways in which goods are moved from inland waterway hubs to urban delivery points – the final mile.

  • Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy, FTA
  • Stephen Carr, Commercial Director, Peel Ports Group
  • Gerald Heward, Commissioner, London Waterways Commission
  • Stephen Anderson, ‎Principal Consultant - Freight & Logistics, Peter Brett Associates LLP
  • Peter Ward, Senior Asset Manager, Port of Tilbury

12.30 - 13.30 The future of rail freight

A look at the future direction for the industry in the wake of Government rail reviews and industry structural changes, including loss of coal traffic. Where should Government and industry policy be best focused to optimise the use of rail freight?

  • Chris MacRae, Manager Railfreight Policy, FTA
  • Lindsay Durham, Head of Rail Strategy, Freightliner
  • Maggie Simpson, Executive Director, Rail Freight Group
  • Guy Bates, Head of Freight Development, Network Rail
  • Duncan Clark, Head of Strategic Development Manager, GB Railfreight
  • Stephen Carr, Commercial Director, Peel Ports Group

13.30 - 14.30 Brexit Masterclass FTA

The FTA global policy team will look at aspects of Brexit affecting the logistics industry and the supply chain, including Customs, Border Control, trade with the EU and non-EU countries, and how the FTA is engaging with government to get the best deal for its members. 

  • Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy, FTA
  • James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive, FTA
  • Pauline Bastidon, Head of European Policy, FTA
  • Chris Yarsley, EU Affairs Manager, FTA

15.00 - 16.00 Legal Briefing - what to expect from suppliers and partners 
Includes a look at contracts of carriage and how to get the best out of your supplier when outsourcing.

  • ​​Matthew Wilmhurst, Associate, Holman Fenwick Willan
  • Nigel Kotani, Solicitor, Excello Law
  • Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy, FTA

FTA Workshop Day – Wednesday 5th April in the Supply Chain Theatre

10.30 - 11.30  Valuing Air Cargo Performance

Cargo iQ and the Global Shippers’ Forum  host a panel that covers the full Air Cargo supply chain, from forwarder to airline. Cargo iQ is an independent Special Interest Group by IATA that has members from the complete Air Cargo Logistics chain, focusing on the Air Cargo Industry delivering its customers’ shipments in a reliable and transparent way. The need for Air Cargo Performance is different from various  viewpoints in the industry, but in the end the whole industry benefits from a shipper that values its product as reliable, fast, economical and therefore well worth the shipper’s money. The panel will discuss the various elements of performance, how the industry can benefit from transparency, information and control, and how this can be achieved.

  • Chris Welsh MBE, Secretary General, Global Shippers' Forum, Director of Global and European Policy, FTA
  • Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ
  • Lothar Moehle, Director AVSEC and Governance, DB Schenker
  • Paul Glaser, Managing Director, Cargomind

12.30 - 13.30 Air freight – improving air cargo performance
This workshop will explore what makes a great cargo operation, with speakers from some of Europe’s biggest air cargo hubs and carriers. There will also be a focus on the plans for Heathrow’s third runway, which should dramatically increase the UK’s long haul air freight capacity.

  • Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy, FTA
  • Jonas van Stekelenburg, Head of Cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Nick Platts, Head of Cargo, Heathrow Airport
  • Mark Olney, General Manager - Cargo, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, Air Canada Cargo
  • Conan Busby, Head of Cargo for MAG

13.30 - 14.30 Mega Ships and Alliances 

The container industry’s response to the 2008 financial crisis and sluggish international trade has been to build bigger ships to cut costs. This has led to unparalleled consolidation in the industry, mainly through merger and acquisition and the establishment of new and larger alliances. The session will delve into whether the mega-ships and alliances are sustainable and aligned with other maritime supply chain stakeholders including ports and shippers just-in-time transport needs.

  • Chris Welsh MBE, Secretary General, Global Shippers' Forum, Director of Global and European Policy, FTA
  • Patrick Walters, Chief Operating Officer, Peel Ports – Liverpool
  • Jens Skibsted Nielsen, Commercial Director, ABP
  • James Leeson, Port Head of Commercial, DP World London Gateway
  • John Fossey, Maritime Transport Consultant, Moffatt & Nichol

15.00 - 16.00 New Container Weight Rules

No we don’t mean the new IMO VGM rules introduced last July, we mean a new EU directive which requires shippers moving ISO containers and swap bodies domestically and within the European Union to make a “statement of Weight” declaration. The FTA will explain what the new rules are and what shippers will need to do to comply with the new rules. The seminar will also focus on practical issues relating to implementation and enforcement of the VGM rules and any outstanding concerns. The state and cleanliness of the container, how it is packed and secured is of growing concern to the industry and regulators. FTA go through the CTU packing code and what shippers should do to ensure they are complying with the law.

  • Chris Welsh MBE, Secretary General, Global Shippers' Forum, Director of Global and European Policy, FTA
  • John Fossey, Maritime Transport Consultant, Moffatt & Nichol
  • Jim Bralsford, Vice President Sales EMEA, INTTRA 
  • Keith Bradley, Technical Advisor,  Martime & Coastguard Agency (retired)


Multimodal Sessions – Wednesday 5th April in the Logistics Theatre

10.30 - 11.10  Brexit Briefing by John Keefe, Director of Public Affairs, Eurotunnel

The topic of discussion is about the importance of the Channel Tunnel as a trade link for the UK economy which currently represents a quarter of all UK trade with the EU. A detailed report entitled “The Economic footprint of the Channel Tunnel fixed link” was recently published to assess the economic contribution of the Channel Tunnel to trade and tourism, and its role in the UK’s economic growth.

12.30 - 13.10 Brexit Briefing - Vikram K Singla, Supply Chain and Product Innovation Cloud Apps - UK/IE, Oracle and Bruce Bentley, Presales Manager, KPIT Technologies Ltd

Global change is moving at such a fast pace that many UK based logistics companies feel at some point that they will be overwhelmed by bureaucracy if they do not have an action plan to address staff concerns on new compliance issues and needs. Whether that is from the challenges of moving goods fast from the UK to the EU or visa-versa to even whether you have the trained logistical, financial or IT staff with the compliance skillsets to meet the ever-increasing challenges that you or your paying customers will ultimately face. In this joint Oracle/KPIT session, our experts will focus on global trade management processes and how they might play out between the UK and the EU.

15.00 -15.45  Brexit Briefing - Robert Keen, Director General, BIFA and Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, Agency Sector Management

An overview of some of the areas of concern regarding the physical infrastructure and Customs practices that need to be reviewed.  An opportunity to find out from participants what their concerns are.  

16.00 – 16.40  Industry Trends: The future of Logistics Execution Technologies – Keith Plummer, UK Business Development, Wise Tech Global and Martin Lee, Industry Expert, Wise Tech Global

The Logistics Execution industry is changing rapidly, so join us to find out exactly what’s happening and why, along with the fundamental realities of ‘the new normal’. We’ll cover the issue of overcapacity; how it’s driving commoditization and affecting bottom lines around the world. You’ll hear about the changes driven by the rise of eCommerce, including new shipping models and innovative delivery methods, and how you can leverage technology to meet demands. The world is changing, so join us to find out how you can stay ahead.


FSDF Shipper Briefing Sessions – Wednesday 5th April in the FSDF Shipper Briefing Area 

11:00-11.30     Mark Taylor, Britannia Bureau: Customs – the Union Customs Code and Bonded Warehousing

14:00-14.30     Neil Maude, Arena Group: Case study in Electronic Document Management



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